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  • Storing Artwork Tuesday, December 07, 2010
    Are you an artist with an ever-growing art collection around your studio and are running out of space to store it? Leasing a self-storage unit is a great option. It is a temperature-controlled space to store your valuable materials safe from the elements. Here are some things to consider: * Purchase boxes specifically designed for packing large paintings. * Framed artwork should never be stored flat, as they can collapse under their own weight. * Whenever your artwork or other insured items are removed from the principal location of safekeeping, make sure you inform your insurer of the re location. A special rider may be required for this kind of off-site storage. Your art pieces are your treasures and it is important to keep them preserved. Consult a StorageVille expert today to help you with your storage needs. ..
  • Winnipegger’s Let It Snow….Winter Storage Monday, November 22, 2010
    Winter has definitely arrived and you probably have a lot items in your house and garage that you may not have space for over the cold winter months. This includes items you would usually use during our hot summers and not our blustery winters. You can benefit from a self-storage unit seasonally because of its convenience and its accessibility. Using a self-storage unit for each season will allow you to store what is not needed that time of year and utilize the stuff you do need, like holiday decorations and your Christmas tree in the winter. Accessibility is important as well, say you and your family are planning a trip somewhere warm over the winter, you are able to go to your storage unit and get all your summer necessities for your trip any time you want. Storage units are meant to be like another room, just not in your home, but with high level security and a convenience for your family all year round. ..