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  • New project on the horizon? Why not store? Thursday, April 11, 2013
    Summer is on its way and many of us are eager to get started on overdue home renovations or to start new upgrades in our homes and businesses. Whether you're upgrading a basement, remodelling an office or fixing up a living room to meet your taste, it's important that you're allowing yourself enough space to get the job done comfortably and that you're keeping your existing valuables safe. Storing your posessions at StorageVille can be an easy way to free up space for a home renovation. Redoing a basement living room? Rather than move heavy and awkward items like furniture, area rugs and boxes repeatedly while trying to get the job done, store them in a safe and secure locker until the job is complete and avoid the hastle of constantly lifting and moving your belongings. Whether your project is of monumental proportions or just a little touch up, there is potential for a mess to be made. If you're painting, stirring up dust with drywall or taking on a ..
  • Moving This Summer? We can Help! Wednesday, May 30, 2012
    When you decide to place your home on the real estate market, it is important to have it looking its best at all times. Professional home-stagers have come on the scene to give homeowners advice on how to make their home more appealing to buyers. The first tip from these professionals is to de-clutter your home. Remove as much unnecessary furniture and household items as possible, to give it a more spacious feel. This also enables potential buyers to see the home, and not all of your stuff! Many home stagers also provide furniture that can enhance the look of your home, especially when many homes today are videoed and available on the internet. The trouble with removing items from your home is that you will need a place to store them in the meantime. Since no one can predict how long your home will be on the market, this is a potential and stressful dilemma. Self-storage with StorageVille can solve both these problems. You can rent the amount of space you need to co ..
  • Who Uses StorageVille? Monday, November 07, 2011
    Self storage facilities are used by an array of people for many different reasons. Are you one of these groups that is currently keeping all of your storage items at home? Join others in enjoying more space at home, and peace of mind with StorageVille safely housing your goods. Who uses StorageVille? Families Families use the services of storage facilities for various reasons. Most commonly, they use it for temporarily storing their household stuff while relocating from one place to another. It is also useful for families who don’t have enough room at home for all of their belongings. People normally store seasonal clothing, extra furniture, bulky sports equipment, patio furniture, and Christmas decorations in the storage lockers. Self-storage services are also useful during renovation of the house to temporarily store household items such as furniture, and moving boxes. Classic Car and RV Owners If you have one or several vi ..
  • Assess Your Inventory Tuesday, February 01, 2011
    Now that you’ve had the opportunity to assess your household inventory and storage capacity, you can start weeding through all of your stuff. This next step involves sorting it into three categories: dispose, fix and keep. For many of us, this can be a difficult, emotional process. But keep in mind that it’s the memories and experiences that are important, not the stuff! So, if it’s broken, stained, damaged beyond repair, or simply of no use to you, then it’s time to get rid of it. Next…Don’t go running off to the dump yet! ..
  • Are you downsizing? Friday, December 17, 2010
    Living in a large home and find that that it may be too big for you and your significant other? You may be considering downsizing. There are many reason’s why families are downsizing from kids moving out to wanting to live a simple lifestyle. With all your stuff, you may be wondering how it will fit into your smaller home. After all those years of acquiring things it may be difficult to decide what stays and what goes. Once you have decided what to discard and donate, the items for storage can be sorted over time so you can better decide the things you would like to keep, give to family members or donate. Self storage is an excellent solution. Storage is affordable, safe, and secure. Self storage today is more accessible for you to access your belongings at anytime. You also have options – storage space can be a long-term or short term solution. A storage facility is perfect for those people who are moving into a smaller house but are not yet rea ..
  • Winnipegger’s Let It Snow….Winter Storage Monday, November 22, 2010
    Winter has definitely arrived and you probably have a lot items in your house and garage that you may not have space for over the cold winter months. This includes items you would usually use during our hot summers and not our blustery winters. You can benefit from a self-storage unit seasonally because of its convenience and its accessibility. Using a self-storage unit for each season will allow you to store what is not needed that time of year and utilize the stuff you do need, like holiday decorations and your Christmas tree in the winter. Accessibility is important as well, say you and your family are planning a trip somewhere warm over the winter, you are able to go to your storage unit and get all your summer necessities for your trip any time you want. Storage units are meant to be like another room, just not in your home, but with high level security and a convenience for your family all year round. ..